School Visits

Oi everyone! Very sorry but after twenty years of visiting schools I have decided to take a break in 2020. When my batteries have recharged, normal service will resume!

I charge £350 +VAT per day to visit a school, plus necessary expenses if the school is located outside of my home county of Essex. As a memento of my visit I gift a copy of my very special story book: Fizzbomb A Sparkling Concoction of Children's Stories to the school library. (Price £100. Click here to view.)

When I visit a school I try to have as much fun as I can possibly have. I will be mischievous, I will make a fool of myself, I will also leave crumbs in my wake.

My requirements for the day are pretty simple. Eight tables, an A1 flip chart stand and a glass of water. A parking space reserved as close to the assembly hall as possible would be appreciated.

If I travel to a school by car I bring a flat bed trolley and as many props as I can. If I travel by train, I bring as much as I can carry.

I seldom do individual class visits, preferring to to talk to larger groups of children seated in an assembly hall. My sessions average 1hour long; longer if questions and answers are to follow.If I am visiting a primary school I would suggest two sessions. Years 1-3 before lunch. Years 4-6 in the afternooon.

I am happy for a press photographer to attend.

If you wish me to do a book signing after school, I will be happy to do so. I will provide the books or the signing and a cash float, but I will require two teachers to take money and marshall the queue.

I will also bring postcards to sign and give away free to children whose parents do not wish to or cannot afford to buy a book.